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Robin Schulz – OK (feat. James Blunt) (Official Music Video) Also, as you wish, it is possible to read online. Retrieved 11 March He told the Cowboys that wo steigt der super bowl 51 must give my bosch their arms. Chase the crowd away and cooking fever diamanten im casino the door and give me air. Holliday was a good friend of Bill Leonard, a former watchmaker from New Yorkone of three men implicated in the robbery. Archived from the original on 24 February Wyatt Earp lived with Mattie Blaylock [66]: In the borderlands south of Ok deutsch there was only one passable route between Arizona and Mexicoa passage known as Guadalupe Canyon. If you feel this is an error, please delete your browser cookies and reload the page. Corral gunfight, which they published in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society DJing Animation Live 3 years ago Archived from the original on March 16,

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Wyatt waited with Clanton while Virgil went to find Justice Wallace so a court hearing could be held. Ike reported in his testimony afterward that Wyatt Earp cursed him.

He said Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan offered him his rifle and to fight him right there in the courthouse, which Ike declined.

Ike also denied ever threatening the Earps. Ike paid the fine and Virgil told Ike he could pick up his confiscated rifle and revolver at the Grand Hotel, which was favored by Cowboys when in town.

Ike testified that he picked up the weapons from William Soule, the jailer, a couple of days later. Outside the court house where Ike was being fined, Tombstone Deputy Marshal Wyatt almost walked into 28 year-old Tom McLaury as the two men were brought up short nose-to-nose.

Tom, who had arrived in town the day before, was required by the well-known city ordinance to deposit his pistol when he first arrived in town. When Wyatt demanded, "Are you heeled or not?

Witnesses reported that Wyatt drew his revolver from his coat pocket and pistol whipped Tom McLaury with it twice, leaving him prostrate and bleeding on the street.

Saloon-keeper Andrew Mehan testified at the Spicer hearing afterward that he saw McLaury deposit a revolver at the Capital Saloon sometime between 1: Wyatt said in his deposition afterward that he had been temporarily acting as city marshal for Virgil the week before while Virgil was in Tucson for the Pete Spence and Frank Stilwell trial.

Wyatt said that he still considered himself a deputy city marshal, which Virgil later confirmed. Since Wyatt was an off-duty officer, he could not legally search or arrest Tom for carrying a revolver within the city limits-—a misdemeanor offense.

Only Virgil or one of his city police deputies, including Morgan Earp and possibly Warren Earp , could search him and take any required action.

Wyatt, who was portrayed as a non-drinker, testified at the Spicer hearing that he went to Haffords and bought a cigar and went outside to watch the Cowboys.

At the time of the gunfight about two hours later, Wyatt could not know if Tom was still armed. It was early afternoon by the time Ike and Tom had seen doctors for their head wounds.

The day was chilly, with snow still on the ground in some places. Both Tom and Ike had spent the night gambling, drinking heavily, and without sleep.

Now they were both out-of-doors, both wounded from head beatings, and at least Ike was still drunk. They had heard from their neighbor, Ed "Old Man" Frink, that Ike had been stirring up trouble in town overnight, and they had ridden into town on horseback to back up their brothers.

Both Frank and Billy were armed with a revolver and a rifle, as was the custom for riders in the country outside Tombstone.

Apache warriors had engaged the U. Army near Tombstone just three weeks before the O. Corral gunfight, so the need for weapons outside of town was well established and accepted.

The incidents had generated a lot of talk in town. Angrily, Frank said he would not drink, and he and Billy left the saloon immediately to seek Tom.

By law, both Frank and Billy should have left their firearms at the Grand Hotel. Instead, they remained fully armed. It was an unusually cold and windy day in Tombstone, and Virgil was wearing a long overcoat.

Corral where witnesses overheard them threatening to kill the Earps. For unknown reasons the Cowboys then walked out the back of the O.

Corral and then west, stopping in a narrow, empty lot next to C. Virgil initially avoided a confrontation with the newly arrived Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton, who had not yet deposited their weapons at a hotel or stable as the law required.

The statute was not specific about how far a recently arrived visitor might "with good faith, and within reasonable time" travel into town while carrying a firearm.

This permitted a traveler to keep his firearms if he was proceeding directly to a livery, hotel or saloon. The three main Tombstone corrals were all west of 4th street between Allen and Fremont, a block or two from where Wyatt saw the Cowboys buying cartridges.

Coleman later told The Tombstone Epitaph: I was in the O. I went up the street and notified Sheriff Behan and told them it was my opinion that they meant trouble, and it was his duty, as sheriff, to go and disarm them.

I told him they had gone to the West End Corral. I then went and saw Marshal Virgil Earp and notified him to the same effect.

Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan , a friend of the Cowboys, [10] later testified that he woke up about 1: Behan stated he quickly finished his shave and went to locate the Cowboys.

He told the Cowboys that they must give up their arms. Ike Clanton said he was not armed, and Tom McLaury pulled his coat open to show he was not carrying a weapon.

The Cowboys were located in a narrow 15—20 feet 4. Behan later said he attempted to persuade Frank McLaury to give up his weapons, but Frank insisted that he would give up his guns only after City Marshal Virgil Earp and his brothers were first disarmed.

Virgil Earp later testified that he thought Ike and Tom were stabled at the O. Corral on Allen between 3rd and 4th, from which he thought they would be departing if they were leaving town.

While Ike Clanton later said he was planning to leave town, Frank McLaury reported that he had decided to remain behind to take care of some business.

Virgil decided he had to disarm the Cowboys. Virgil Earp picked up the shotgun he had retrieved from the Wells Fargo office earlier.

As usual, the Earps carried their revolvers in their coat pockets or in their waistbands. Wyatt Earp was carrying a. The Earps and Holliday walked west, down the south side of Fremont Street past the rear entrance to the O.

He had left the Cowboys and came toward them, though he looked nervously backward several times. Fallehy, wrote in his testimony afterward that Virgil Earp told Behan, "those men have made their threats and I will not arrest them but I will kill them on sight.

When Behan said he had disarmed them, Virgil attempted to avoid a fight. When the Earps approached the lot, the four law men initially faced six Cowboys: In testimony given by witnesses afterward, they disagreed about the precise location of the men before, during and after the gunfight.

Opposite them and initially only about 6 to 10 feet 1. Behind him a few feet near the corner of C. Wyatt Earp drew a sketch in and another with John Flood on September 15, that depicted Billy Clanton near the middle of the lot, close to the Harwood house.

Tom and Frank McLaury stood deeper in the lot. Frank was in the center between the two buildings, holding the reins of his horse. Tom was closer to C.

Virgil was deeper in the lot, opposite Frank and Ike Clanton. Doc Holliday hung back a step or two on Fremont Street.

Virgil Earp was not expecting a fight. Virgil carried the cane in his right hand and shifted the pistol in his waistband from the right side to his left.

Wyatt too was not expecting a fight and put his pistol in his overcoat pocket. Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury wore revolvers in holsters on their belts and stood alongside their saddled horses with rifles in their scabbards , possibly in violation of the city ordinance prohibiting carrying weapons in town.

When Virgil saw the Cowboys, he testified, he immediately commanded the Cowboys to "Throw up your hands, I want your guns!

Jeff Morey, who served as the historical consultant on the film Tombstone , compared testimony by partisan and neutral witnesses and came to the conclusion that the Earps described the situation accurately.

Who started shooting first is not certain; accounts by both participants and eyewitnesses are contradictory. The six or seven men with guns fired about 30 shots in around 30 seconds.

Virgil Earp reported afterward, "Two shots went off right together. Clanton missed, but Earp shot Frank McLaury in the stomach.

All witnesses generally agreed that the first two shots were almost indistinguishable from each other. General firing immediately broke out.

Virgil and Wyatt thought Tom was armed. When the shooting started, the horse that Tom McLaury held jumped to one side. Wyatt said he also saw Tom throw his hand to his right hip.

Light testified that Tom fell at the foot of a telegraph pole on the corner of Fremont and 3rd Street and lay there, without moving, through the duration of the fight.

Ike Clanton had been publicly threatening to kill the Earps for several months, including very loud threats on the day before.

But when the gunfight broke out, Clanton ran forward and grabbed Wyatt, exclaiming that he was unarmed and did not want a fight.

To this protest Wyatt said he responded, "Go to fighting or get away! Other accounts say that Ike drew a hidden pistol and fired at the Earps before disappearing.

He and Cowboy Wes Fuller, who had been at the rear of the lot, also ran from the fight as soon as the shooting began. According to The Tombstone Epitaph , "Wyatt Earp stood up and fired in rapid succession, as cool as a cucumber, and was not hit.

Forced to shift the revolver to his left hand, Clanton continued shooting until he emptied the gun. Morgan Earp tripped and fell over a newly buried waterline and fired from the ground.

He tried and failed to grab his rifle from the scabbard but lost control of the horse. Frank crossed Fremont Street firing his revolver instead.

Frank and Holliday exchanged shots as Frank moved across Fremont Street, and Frank hit Holliday in his pistol pocket, grazing him.

Holliday followed him, exclaiming, "That son of a bitch has shot me and I am going to kill him. A number of witnesses observed a man leading a horse into the street and firing near it and Wyatt in his testimony thought this was Tom McLaury.

Claiborne said only one man had a horse in the fight, and that this man was Frank, holding his own horse by the reins, then losing it and its cover, in the middle of the street.

One of them, perhaps Billy, shot Morgan Earp across the back in a wound that struck both shoulder blades and a vertebra. Morgan went down for a minute before picking himself up.

Virgil, though hit, fired his next shot at Billy Clanton. Both Morgan and Holliday apparently thought they had fired the shot that killed Frank, but since neither of them testified at the hearing, this information is only from second-hand accounts.

A passerby testified to having stopped to help Frank, and saw Frank try to speak, but he died where he fell, before he could be moved.

Claiborne said Clanton was supported by a window initially after he was shot, and fired some shots after sitting, with the pistol supported on his leg.

After he ran out of ammunition, he called for more cartridges, but C. Fly took his pistol at about the time the general shooting ended. A few moments later, Tom McLaury was carried from the corner of Fremont and Third into the Harwood house on that corner, where he died without speaking.

Billy was in considerable pain and asked for a doctor and some morphine. He told those near him, "They have murdered me.

I have been murdered. Chase the crowd away and from the door and give me air. Both Wyatt and Virgil believed Tom McLaury was armed and testified that he had fired at least one shot over the back of a horse.

During the gunfight, Doc Holliday was bruised by a bullet fired by Frank that struck his holster and grazed his hip. Virgil Earp was shot through the calf, he thought by Billy Clanton.

Morgan Earp was struck across both shoulder blades by a bullet that Morgan thought Frank McLaury had fired. Wyatt Earp was unhurt. I am right here and am not going away.

You have deceived me. You told me these men were disarmed; I went to disarm them. Mathews examined the dead Cowboys late that night. He found Frank McLaury had two wounds: Mathews stated that the wound beneath the ear was at the base of the brain and caused instant death.

This makes it much more likely that Holliday shot the fatal round that killed Frank. The wound was about four inches across.

The other was in the abdomen beneath the twelfth rib, six inches to the right of the navel. Both were fired from the front.

Neither passed completely through his body. Billy Clanton was armed with Colt Frontier revolvers which were identified by their serial numbers at the Spicer hearing.

Frank McLaury was also armed with a Colt Frontier revolver which was recovered by laundryman Fallehy on the street about 5 feet 1.

Cowboy witness Wes Fuller said he saw Frank in the middle of the street shooting a revolver and trying to remove a Winchester rifle from the scabbard on his horse.

Witnesses differed about whether Tom McLaury was carrying a weapon during the shootout or not. No revolver or rifle was found near his body and he was not wearing a cartridge belt.

Wyatt testified that he had arrested Tom earlier that day when he found him carrying a weapon earlier in violation of a city ordinance.

He pistol-whipped him and took him to the courthouse where he was fined. Saloon-keeper Mehan testified that Tom had deposited his revolver at the Capital Saloon on 4th Street and Fremont after his arrest and before the fight, between 1 and 2 p.

Behan testified that when he searched Tom McLaury for a weapon prior to the gunfight, he was not thorough, and that Tom might have had a pistol hidden in his waistband.

A story in the Cowboy-friendly newspaper, the Nugget , stated without attribution that "The Sheriff stepped out and said [to the Earps]: The article said that Behan "was standing near by commanding the contestants to cease firing but was powerless to prevent it.

Though saloon-keeper Andrew Mehan had seen Tom deposit his pistol after his beating by Earp and before the gunfight, none of the Earps had any way of knowing that Tom had left his revolver at the saloon.

In his statement, Fallehy wrote that the man still held his pistol in his hand. Although he did not see him shoot, he thought Tom McLaury was armed.

Coleman also said afterward that he thought Tom was armed, though he later equivocated on this point. He was quoted in the October 27 issue of The Tombstone Epitaph in which he said, "Tom McLaury fell first, but raised and fired again before he died.

I think that the report I gave to the Epitaph was pretty near correct as published. Judge Spicer ruled afterward that "if Thomas McLaury was one of a party who were thus armed and were making felonious resistance to an arrest, and in the melee that followed was shot, the fact of his being unarmed, if it be a fact, could not of itself criminate the defendants [Earps], if they were not otherwise criminated.

Ike Clanton and Billy Claiborne both said they were unarmed when they fled the gunfight. The bodies of the three dead Cowboys were displayed in a window at Ritter and Reams undertakers with a sign: About people joined in the procession to Boot Hill and as many as two thousand watched from the sidewalks.

The story was widely printed in newspapers across the United States. Most versions favored the lawmen. Henry Matthews neither condemned nor exonerated the lawmen for shooting the Cowboys.

Morgan and Virgil were still recovering at home. Murphy, James Robinson, and Benoodrich. Spicer took written and oral testimony from a number of witnesses over more than a month.

Accounts by both participants and eye-witnesses were contradictory. Those loyal to one side or the other told conflicting stories and independent eyewitnesses who did not know the participants by sight were unable to say for certain who shot first.

Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan testified on the third day of the hearing. During two days on the stand, [8]: He and other prosecution witnesses testified that Tom McLaury was unarmed, that Billy Clanton had his hands in the air, and that neither of the McLaurys were troublemakers.

They portrayed Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury as being unjustly bullied and beaten by the vengeful Earps on the day of the gunfight.

They spent the next 16 days in jail. Defense accounts contradicted the testimony of Behan, Claiborne and Allen, who all said that a man had fired a nickel-plated pistol first.

Claiborne and Allen both said it was Holliday. Virgil, Wyatt and other witnesses testified that Holliday was carrying a shotgun.

Morgan remained bedridden throughout the trial and did not testify. Three witnesses gave key evidence that swayed Justice Spicer to hold that Virgil had acted within his capacity as Sheriff and that there was insufficient evidence to indict the Earps and Doc Holliday for murder.

He testified that he saw "the marshal go up and speak to this other party. The marshal had a cane in his right hand at the time.

He throwed up his hand and spoke. I did not hear the words though. By that time Billy Clanton and Wyatt Earp had fired their guns off.

Spicer noted that no powder burns were found on his clothing. Sills, a disinterested party, discredited much of the testimony given by Sheriff Johnny Behan, Ike Clanton and the other Cowboy witnesses.

After hearing all the evidence, Justice Spicer ruled on November 30 that Virgil, as the lawman in charge that day, had acted within his office and that there was not enough evidence to indict the men.

He said the evidence indicated that the Earps and Holliday acted within the law and that Holliday and Wyatt had been properly deputized by Virgil Earp.

Even today, the brothers have strongly opinionated admirers and detractors. The map describes the position of a number of witnesses and all of the participants with the exception of Ike Clanton, who fled from the gunfight.

In , Victor Clyde Forsythe , a popular painter of desert scenes and cowboy artist, painted "Gunfight at O. Corral and half a block from the site of the gunfight.

They claimed that they had been present and witnessed the shootout. Newspaper accounts of the painting reported that Forsythe had interviewed Tombstone residents and examined many of the existing buildings before beginning to plan his painting.

In May , his studio printed and sold a limited edition of copies of the painting. When Earp died, Flood inherited many of his personal belongings.

Flood in turn willed them to Gilchriese, who amassed over a number of years one of the largest collections of personal items belonging to Wyatt and Virgil Earp, along with many unpublished photos of them and their family.

The oil on masonite painting titled The Street Fight is 6 feet 4 inches by 4 feet 1. It was the largest work ever executed by Perceval.

Less than a month after the shootout it was described by a local newspaper as the "Gunfight at The O. William Breakenridge in his book Helldorado: Corral" in his popular book Wyatt Earp: But it was the popular movie Gunfight at the O.

Corral that cemented the incident and its erroneous location in popular consciousness. The movie and accompanying mythologizing also altered the way that the public thought of the Earps and the outlaws.

In the movies, they became the good guys, always ready to stand for what is right. The incident has become a fixture in American history due to the personal nature of the feud between the Earps and the McLaury and Clanton brothers and the symbolism of the fight between lawmen and the Cowboys.

The gunfight and its aftermath stand for the change overcoming America as the Western frontier ceased to exist, as a nation that was rapidly industrializing pushed out what had been a largely agrarian economy.

The town of Tombstone has capitalized on interest in the gunfight. A portion of the town is a historical district that has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the U.

With the widespread sales of televisions after World War II, producers spun out a large number of western-oriented shows. At the height of their popularity in , there were more than two dozen "cowboy" programs on each week.

At least six of them were directly or indirectly connected with Wyatt Earp: They utilized a movie set to recreate a space similar to the lot where the original gun fight took place.

They found that Tom McLaury may have been hit by the shotgun round under his armpit as he reached over his horse for a rifle in his scabbard, as the horse turned away from him at the same time.

The stories about the gunfight written in the 20th century affected American culture. Numerous dramatic, fictional, and documentary works have been produced about or in reference to the event, with widely varying degrees of accuracy.

Corral gunfight, which they published in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society They analyzed the probability of "survival of exactly S gunmen given an initially fair configuration.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see Gunfight at the O. For the location, see O. Further information on the ambush and murder of outlaw Cowboys: Further information on his service as a lawman in Tombstone: Corral hearing and aftermath.

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